Proper solution for disputes in maps & it's search reports.

Maps and its search reports

Resolving disputes in land survey maps and search reports of maps requires a systematic approach and the involvement of professional expertise. As we have well acquainted with Land Records & Revenue department of Govt. of Maharashtra.

1. Proper solution for disputes in maps and its search reports

Hire a licensed surveyor or land expert specializing in maps and search reports to review the disputed documents, conduct accurate surveys, and provide expert opinions.

Thoroughly examine available data, including (historical) British survey records, survey reports, property deeds, and official documents, cross-referencing them to identify inconsistencies or errors.

  1. Consider conducting additional surveys to obtain precise measurements and establish correct boundaries, especially in cases involving boundary disputes.


Leverage modern mapping technologies like (GIS) ETS Machine, GIS, DGPS, CORS & Rovers, Drone(UAV)and (aerial) Satellite  imagery whichever suitable to analyze data, compare it with existing maps and reports, and identify discrepancies or encroachments.

Engage in mediation or negotiation with the involved parties to reach a mutually agreeable solution, facilitated by a neutral third party if necessary.

Explore alternative methods such as arbitration or expert determination if mediation fails, aiming to obtain a binding decision from a neutral party.

If all other options are exhausted, consult with a property law attorney to evaluate the merits of your case and pursue legal action if necessary.