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Trusted firm provides solutions for issues of land Records (7/12, Property Cards, Maps) in Maharashtra.


The companies Proprietor was an vast experienced retired Gazzated Class one officer of Govt. of Maharashtra, having worked on the post of City Survey officer, Dist Supdt of Land Records & Deputy Director of Land Records in the region of Nashik, Aurangabad & Konkan, Mumbai.

Milind N. Chavan


Ex Deputy Director Of Land Records,
Kokan Region, Mumbai


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Govt. Outsource work of measurement

Eagle Land Solutions got recognized as Govt. Outsource work of Measurement of Land


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Our Services

Maps and it's search reports

Resolving disputes in land survey maps and search reports of maps requires a systematic approach and the involvement of professional expertise. As we have well acquainted with Land Records & Revenue department of Govt. of Maharashtra.

Drafts for Appeals

Mostly the disputes of Land Records & Revenue records are found in property card,7/12 & maps. It was adjudicated by Competent Govt. Authority with the help of provision in Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966, Registration Act, 1908, Transfer of Property Act, 1882

Private/Govt. Outsource measurement of land

Private measurement of land involves obtaining accurate measurements and dimensions of a specific piece of land through privately conducted surveys or measurements.

Mistakes and it's solution in Consolidation of Land Scheme (BPFCOH ACT, 1947)

Diagnosing mistakes and finding solutions in a consolidation scheme involves a systematic approach to identify errors and propose corrective measures.

Lecture Session on different land issues

Our lecture sessions on land issues cover a wide range of important topics related to land management, ownership, and governance. The sessions aim to provide valuable insights into the complexities of land issues and offer potential solutions.

How We Help?

We provide proper solutions to the issues related to below services

7/12 and Property Card Issues


Consolidation Scheme

Disputes in Boundary Demarcation

Partition of Land

Subdivision of Land

City Survey Scheme

Private/Govt. Outsource Measurement of Land

Draft of appeal MLRC 1966

What Our Clients Say

Our clients have spoken, and their feedback speaks volumes about their experience with our services.

“I engaged Eagle Land Solutions to assist me in resolving complex land demarcation issues and in appeal drafting, and I must say that the level of professionalism, expertise, conveying the merits of my case.”

Vijay Tukaram Raundal
Teerth Developers & Realties,
Baner, Pune

“The Eagle Land Solutions firm’s team went above and beyond to ensure our map measurements were accurate for our urban planning project. Their expertise and professionalism were outstanding.”

Anand Rayate
Additional Settlement Commissioner, Pune

“The Eagle Land Solutions attention to detail and accuracy were exceptional. They provided us with reliable mapping information for our transportation planning project. Highly recommended!”

Dilip Gawade
Gawade Construction Company, Wakad, Pune

“The Eagle Land Solutions service exceeded our expectations. They provided comprehensive measurements for our environmental survey, and their expertise helped us make informed decisions.”

Adv. Sanjay Jain

“Eagle Land Solutions provided a prompt and effective solution for my 7/12 mutation regarding Consolidation of land issue. Their expertise and professionalism made the process smooth and hassle free.”

Ramkrishna Jagtap
Lonikand, Pune

“I have visited Eagle Land Solutions was a breeze. They were quick to get query quickly respond, delivered the measurements we needed for our real estate project, and their service was top-notch.”

Akash Mhatre
Vashi, Navi Mumbai